Instrumental Music


The winter instrumental concert will be held in the NCHS auditorium on Wednesday, December 11th, at 7 PM. Please come out to support us!

We are asking for your help with our Fruit Fundraiser! Please sell as much as you can from November 11th to December 4th to benefit the instrumental music program. See the information below and click the link for an order form.


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We are inviting you to encourage your child to continue with their music talents as they move into high school life. We believe that band participation in the 9th grade helps make the transition into high school easier and far less intimidating. In addition, it has been proven over and over that musicians make the best scholars. We would like the opportunity to tell you why.

Student Opportunities

Marching Band and Color Guard – Practice for Marching Band begins in the summer and provides a rewarding, competitive and FUN experience for musicians. The Color Guard provides students who do not play marching band instruments such as string players and dancers an opportunity to participate in the marching program and enjoy all its rewarding aspects. Marching Band is all about leadership, team work, physical and musical improvement. Also, by forcing time management, marching band can increase grade point averages.

Indoor Drum Line and Color Guard – Extends the competitive experience of marching band into the winter and spring. Many instrumentalists take up percussion as a 2nd instrument or join Color Guard just to stay involved.

Concert Band – The 9th Grade class band

Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble – 10th through 12th grade class band

Orchestra - All grades

Stage Band – 10th through 12th grade class Jazz Band

Jazz Band – 9th – 12th grade after school Jazz Band

Parent Opportunities

The North Carroll Band Boosters support the NCHS instrumental music program by providing logistical support and fundraising.

The organization plays an absolute vital role in the music program and gives parents an opportunity to stay involved in their student’s high school life.

If you would like to learn more about the NCHS Instrumental Program or the Band Boosters from a parent’s prospective, please give us your phone number and a booster will contact you.

Not Sure?

Marching Band interest camp will begin in May. This is a great way to meet a lot of new friends before freshman year begins and learn more about Marching Band. Musicians, dancers or anyone that can keep a beat can participate.

If you have any questions regarding Marching Band and/or the Interest Camp please contact Mrs. Brown, Director NCHS at or call the school.